Gouache & watercolour

Gouache is a type of acrylic, water-based paint from a tube that is often used by illustrators. It is very matt and can be used in layers so you can paint light colours on dark. Used with a lot of water, gouache can work like watercolour paints. Gouache colours are very bright and it can be mixed easily. You need patience to work with this medium but the good thing is, if you do not finish in one sitting you can 'reactivate' the dry paint on your palette by adding water.

Watercolour is very popular with artists and illustrators as they come in a large range of colours, can be easily mixed and the effects that can be achieved with are very beautiful and pretty much endless. It is a medium that is quite hard to control so when you use it it is best just to let go and let the colour flow like water...

Gouache and watercolour work well together with (watercolour) pencils. The fox drawing is an example of such a combination, the berries and the scarf are made with watercolour and the fox is made with watercolour pencil.